Help us collect the existing vaccination cards

We are collecting different vaccination cards from Europe and beyond

We know little about existing vaccination cards.

This knowledge will enable us to carry out a study on the feasibility of a European citizens' vaccination card.

You can participate by scanning your vaccination cards*

* Or those of patients if you are a healthcare professional

This feasibility study is funded by the European Union. No personal data are collected.

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Citizens from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin or residence, are invited to participate.

Healthcare professionals can contribute by uploading their own or their patients' anonymised scans.


Collect the different vaccination cards that you have.

Scan each vaccination card one after the other, preferably with your smartphone.

Anonymise the scans: we have developed a tool that allows you to do it.

A moderation team will then control the anonymisation, and complete it if necessary.

What next?

In a few months, if you ask us, we will present you with three vaccination card templates in a double format, physical and digital, for your evaluation.